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Standard Door

A standard door is a door made solidly with wood or steel, with no glass. These are the most common doors for the front exterior of the home, as well as inside.

Standard Door with Glass

These doors are exactly the same as a normal standard door but with the inclusion of a glass pane window at the top. The difference between these doors and French doors is that these are predominantly made of a solid material other than glass, with glass usually only at the top instead of running its length.

Sliding Glass Door

Not to be confused with French doors, sliding glass doors are almost entirely made of glass with wood or steel around the edges. As the name suggests, these doors slide as opposed to swinging open, which is the primary difference between them and French doors.

French Door

French doors are very similar to both a standard door with glass and a sliding glass door. They have glass planes extending its full length instead of just at the top like, though they swing open like a standard door. They have a more intricate design than sliding glass doors, which is why they are popular as both an interior and exterior door.